Client: Comune di Imperia
Year: 2020//Ongoing
Location: Imperia, Italy

The requalification of the historic municipal market in Imperia represents a compelling blend of architectural conservation and modern intervention. The project embraces the original structure’s inherent charm while introducing a fresh, contemporary look. The facade retains its original brick masonry, testament to the building’s rich historical origins. This architectural choice enhances the structure’s authenticity and pays homage to the locale’s traditional building techniques. The existing fenestration pattern, punctuated by elongated windows, is maintained to preserve the structure’s unique identity. In a strikingly modern contrast, the market’s roofing system has been reimagined with a sweeping metal canopy that dialogues with the established architectural language. This layering of old and new elements imbues the building with a renewed vitality. The extensive use of glass under this canopy facilitates a natural illumination of the interior spaces and fosters a dynamic interaction between the internal market activity and the external public realm.